When and why the price of ripple (xrp) will increase? Stick to the post and you will get the answer. This is not a technical post. It just refers to the trends and the reasons which can cause the price to rise.

I still remember back in 2017, while I was studying for my exams I saw an increase in the price of Bitcoin. It went from $1000 to $2000 in just a couple of weeks and didn’t stop until it touched $20,000.

It was pretty fascinating. Furthermore, the price of Ethereum also surged from $120 to $250 in just few days. All of this left me amazed. I wanted to invest at that time but I didn’t. Firstly, people were being so greedy about bitcoin and stuff and secondly I didn’t want to because both of these coins didn’t attract me much (I know BTC went up to $20k). Eventually, after studying the market and its trends I decided to invest in crypto, ripple to be precise. Rest of my post will answer that why I chose ripple as a coin to invest in.

1. Ripple’s transaction speed is fast.


This particular feature attracted me the most. Talking about the people in general, they all chose that specific thing that is fast enough because it minimises the risk of losing anything, let it be time for example. In future, we can expect online retailers to inculcate this currency into their system as it is fast enough to meet their demands. So we can expect that in future people will start using this for purchasing things online which will automatically compliment its price 🙂

2. It is cheap.

ripple price

This feature will make the financial institutions as well as the people to embrace this currency and also who doesn’t want some extra cash? 🙂 This feature distinguishes it from other crypto-currencies that are available. Ripple is helping the financial institutions and the people to save money and that is why we can expect it to go higher. And that is also one of the main reason why I invested in this.

Putting this to conclusion, If you want to invest in Ripple (Xrp) as a long-term investment then you are good to go and also the price is around $0.49 (3-4-18) so if you invest lets just around $50, then you have got nothing to lose! You could’ve spent that amount on McDonalds, getting some new clothes or shoes. Just imagine if you invest that amount today and wait for sometime, then who knows in the future you’d be able to buy an entire McDonalds franchise :p So that was it, I will keep updating this post prior to any significant change.