Forbes Magazine recently launched a list of Asia’s top 200 companies under a billion. The list is released annually but the most significant thing that happened this time was that not only one rather 5 Companies made it to that list.


Forbes pakistan

The companies that made it to the Forbes list are:

The current market value for the company is $108 million. It is a public limited company incorporated in 1981. The company is one of the leading automotive components manufacturers in the private sector.


  • Cherat Packaging

    The company was established in 1991, with a current market value of $65 million. Cherat Packaging Limited (CPL) is the on of the largest producers and suppliers of packaging material to the cement industry in Pakistan.


Ferozsons Laboratories Limited is a public limited company, it focuses in the areas of gastroenterology, hepatology, cardiology and oncology. It has current market value of $105 million


The current market value of the company is $115 million. It makes heavy duty vehicles like Trucks and buses.


The current market value is $698 million. This company produces products related to healthcare.


18000 companies were taken into consideration out of which the best 200 were selected, the selection was based on company’s growth. Companies facing legal issues weren’t included in the list.