Building Back-Links is one of the greatest way to generate a large number of visitors to your website.
I bet you would have tried all those methods hovering over the internet , but try this one ! it will actually work. 

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First of all lets understand what are backlinks?

Back links are incoming links to a webpage or when a webpage links to another webpage, that is called a Back link. There are several ways by which you can generate back links to your webpage. 

When you Google you search for “How to generate back links?” 

There are several results that show up some of them are like these 

These are one of those most “occurring results” In these you will get to know about several of those ways .

But in this blogpost we will be covering just one and authentic step in detail that is how to generate quality back links with the help of info-graphics.

We will be covering all the details in 5 simple steps. 

1. Post a High Quality Info-graphic on your website.

2. Find the sites related to your topic. 
3. Tell them about your infographic 
4. Offer them a unique content along with the infographic.
5. Get your backlink.

Now without any further a do lets just break down into each step.
First things first,

1.Posting High Quality Infographic :-

Posting high quality infographic is one the major thing in this method. Here are some examples of infographics.

This is a good example of an infographic. There are several ways by which you can create a good infographic. I created mine with InfoGram. You can use several free and high quality templates to get started. Make sure your infographic should be amazing and well designed with proper illustrations.
After you are done with that it is now time to move on to step number 2.

2.Find the sites related to your topic :-

In this step you have to find the sites that are related to the topic of your infographic. This is an important step if you want people to see your content or to have attention towards your site then you should start having a good approach towards them. You should approach the website in a way that they should recommend to their readers which will eventually be in your benefit . I will be sharing some examples how you can have a better approach towards them and the most important thing reach the right people , people that write about your topic. And how would you do that ? It is easy, by performing a simple google search. 

3.Tell them about your infographic :-

After you have performed the google search search for any contact and then reach to them, show them your info-graphic , Again the right approach is the main thing here. You should ask them in  a way depicting that you respect their time and audience (Flattery umm… not actually) 

Here is an example of that :

This as the most important in all this procedure to attract that blogger. After you have done that you will be getting a Positive Response (All my cases were successful … :p)

After that positive response prepare your , like make it perfect because no professional will be taking interest in asking you to correct any mistakes he will simply perform a 3 pointer directly into the “Recycle Bin”. 

Okay , So done with the assembling procedure ? lets move on … to step 4 

4.Offer a Unique Intro :-

Still wondering why ? because we were just supposed to send that info graphic ? .. but here is the “Heart winning moment .. No blogger will slap your info-graphic on it the blog .. He respects his readers as well his time . so offer him unique content to make the readers stay on your art a more . That will eventually benefit your website .. how ? that will be covered in step 5 .

5.Get your contextual back link:-

Finally .. Finally ! you are able to get your back link . Within your introduction just put a link or two related to that post of your blog ! And there you go !! you just produced a effective Back link .

I know it seems hard but believe me that will eventually help you ! if not now then hopefully afterwards. Readers of famous websites actually read what the site is referring to and the will end up visiting your website too . 

Okay ! So I will be updating this article timely. 
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