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Are you aware of the fact that each month above 54 million posts are published by many of those bloggers, including you. That means there is higher competition each month and to avoid that and to beat the competitors there are several tricks carried out  to rank that post higher on Search engines and to get lots and lots of traffic on the post and the blog too.
Have you ever wondered to do so ? so in this post we will talk about how to grab an initial chunk of traffic on your post.

Without any further discussion lets talk about “How to create a post that attracts massive traffic”

What to do before publishing Blog Post ?

Here is a cheat sheet that will help you learn the whole procedure of creating a good and seo friendly post. 

Step 1 : Choosing The Best Title 
The main component of a successful blog post is its Title.
The title in itself carries much importance. 

Without knowing anything about two movies , can you tell which is the better one ? in this case you will refer to the Title or the cover page. When a user searches on Google or any other search engine the first thing he observes is the Title. So write a good title before writing a blog post !

Step 2 : Featured image 

If you want to attract a good amount of traffic , you are supposed to have a good cover image that actually describes your post , that can actually give reader an idea of whats inside the box before opening it and it will help you maintaining your bounce rate. 

Step 3 : Use Great Body Text and Tags 

In order to make your blog post famous or successful you should have a great amount of text in your post approximately, minimum of 500 words are recommended by several search engines because when the the spider (That crawls the pages) crawls you pages it actually is attracted by a great amount of text and then it checks whether it is plagiarized or not ? and then reports back it to the base and plagiarized posts are not ranked in the search engine. 

Further more when you apply for Google Adsense the main condition is also content so make sure large number of words are used. 

Step 4 : Focus Keyword  
If you want to rank your blog post higher then use the Focus Keyword throughout the text . Your focus keyword should  be available in the heading and then the sub headings and it should be also present in the text of you post as in different paragraphs and Headings , and make sure you also use H2 headings whenever writing a new blog post. For example, if your Focus keyword is “make money”
then the heading/title should be “Make money through blogging” and etc . It all helps in giving a good rank to your blog post. 

Step 4 : Inbound and outbound links 
Inbound links are those links which are coming from another website to your website and outbound links are those which point towards other website. These play an important role in SEO and when you add an Outbound link in your post you should notify the Website so that they can share your post and generate leads to you blog. 
Step 5 : Add media and Alt image text 
Last but not the least “Media” will you ever stay on a page for too long unless it is story or something for too long if it does not contain any media ? it sounds a bit dry ! isn’t it ? so Add media to your post and it can be in any form weather  a Video, Picture or  info-graphics

In addition to this also add Alt image texts and title texts . Title texts is something that what the readers see and alt image text is the one written for Search engines so that they can differentiate easily between images and rank them accordingly 

SO here are some additional points but important points .. Add a good search description too because it is the point where you loose or gain a visitor a good search description can actually attract a huge audience 

Thanks for reading the post ! in the next post  the second part “How to make your bog post famous” will be covered. 
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