Apple just announced the new iPhone named as iPhone SE. First time any thing that is less than $500 was released by apple during their live Apple event 2016 . The phone is just same as the previous 5s but has got the power of iPhone 6s 

Apple termed it as “A big step for small” 

Here are the specs of the little man 

  1.  4′ inch HD retina display 
  2.  12mp rear HD Camera 
  3.  2x better performance than the previous 5s
  4.  3x better GPU performance 
  5.  super fast A9 processor

The new iphone supports 4k videos also with an front facing Hd facetime camera and the good thing is that it is pretty cheap phone available for just $400 

The proccessor is embeded into the Chip and another feature of live photos has also been introduced in the new iPhone 

Faster LTE and wifi also ! 

Keeep cool and buy iPhone SE