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First of all lets understand what is Google Adsense and why google adsense ?

Right after applying Adsense your blog starts to get recognition and it also leaves a positive impact on readers even myself when i visit a website and see that adsense logo on any ad i get a sigh of relief that this site or blog post would be worth reading if there is adsense displaying on it.
Moving on , Adsense is the best ad network out there. It pays you alot of money ! Many bloggers are earning thousands of dollars due to adsense e.g shoutmeloud . It has its own forum where you can discuss new problems and can even get help from others.

So, above was the explained answer for Why adsense or what is adsense.

Without any further due lets move on to our topic “How to get Adsense Approved ”   

There are some VERY IMPORTANT points that i will discuss with you to get your adsense account approved.

Traffic ! Traffic ! and Traffic  

Google Adsense Earn more !

YES! your first priority should be a good amount of traffic. Adsense at the time of approval basically keeps on crawling your pages. So there should be a good amount if traffic at your end and to be precise your daily traffic. And by traffic i do not mean that number of visits or page views but number of hits and the time people stayed on your page before shifting to another one try reducing your bounce rate. write more content to get hold of the reader. Minimum daily page views should be around 200-300 Well this is just an estimation. And if you try to bring fake views or bot generated traffic then you are in Deeeep ! trouble. google does not accepts bot views simply rejects and puts you in the blacklist !

Well Written Content 

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So another important thing that is also important. Sufficient amount of content  plus the quality should be also good and no PLAGIARISM ! Copied content is not simply accepted by Google ! you may be able to do that earlier but now in 2016 it is totally impossible. You get rejected as soon as google bot finds out that  your content is copied . And if your website is related too Hacking” “Torrents” or any illegal then that would not be accepted even if you have sufficient amount of traffic and a good amount of content. Plagiarism and copyrighted material results in low ranked blog.

Here is what Adsense Team has to say about a website that contained copyrighted material 

Good Alexa Rank
Rankings do matter !  A Good Alexa Rank also matters if applying for Adsense. A site is taken
Under less consideration if it has a Bad Alexa Rank .Minimum Requirement for Adsense application
Considering Alexa Rank must be under 300k. To check your alexa rank go to

Custom Domain

Do get a custom domain e.g This leaves a good impact o reader and the the search engine both.a custom domain is given more preference than a free domain. in my case also my site is given less preference than the site with a custom domain even if the content is not worth reading.

Keep Writing  and keep updating your blog. you should try to write a total of 300+ words in every post so that makes a good impact on the reader and the  search engine also.

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