is one of the biggest on Internet as called “The Front Page of Internet” 

It’s Global Alexa rank is 31. Despite being launched in 2010 this site has gained more users then expected.

This site can really get your Blog on the top just if you know how to get along with this site. 
More people,marketers and tech-enthusiasts  visit Reddit more than Facebook and Twitter. This is beacuse all those repeated news on Facebook Twitter and other Social Giants. Same news every time you refresh your feed ! But Reddit allows you to engage with new things in a different manner. Unlike other websites is administered / managed by its own users. Thus, there is a possibility that you can easily reach your destination. 
Now onto,How actually works ? 

First off all when you visit Reddit it might seem very ugly and scattered site to you  “Yes it is!” But in reality that’s the only reason behind this that How it can get you a chunk of million ! 
1. Bring it to the top! 
The only thing that can get you into millions in a split of second is just bringing your post onto the front page of Reddit. That is where most of the user engage with your post ; they visit your Blog and if it is worth reading “Which I’m sure it is ” then they share it with others and here your one chance is created. 
2. Grapes are sour ! 
Now at this point you might be thinking that oh! That’s easy I’ll get a million now 
But wait ! As it is user administered site so there is now chance of using sharing same link with multiple IDs’ but same IP address. Reddit will automatically down vote a post shared twice with same IP.  You’ll have to wait ; You’ll have to write a worth reading content and last but not the least you’ll have to interact with the users and then you can fly to the top!
Here are those steps discussed which will take your post to the Front page of Reddit 

1.Upvotes ! Way towards millions !
Yes! The chances of your post being appeared on the front page are just due to Upvotes. Upvotes are another form of Liking a thing. They are used here on Reddit just like those “Likes” on Facebook
But they work totally different maybe the likes on Facebook won’t matter rather than fame or etc. but here they are the key towards success ! 

As many Upvotes you get the more chances are produced to get your post on the top ! Post content according to the other person point of view . Go deep and look what they want ? Read the previous posts on same topics and identify the flaws. Engage with different users ask them how can I make this better etc then and only you are getting Upvotes and being very honest Upvotes really matter ! 
2. Yes, Subreddits are important 
 Subreddits are those words which are very specific about a topic for instance if you want to read some thing about technology rather than searching and going through all the posts you will just write 
And then it will take you all those posts which lie under this Subreddit. Chose the best Subreddit for your post don’t go after the Upvotes or population go after what your post is about and then put that under specified Subreddit. 
Several Subreddits do not allow posting of links so make sure you are posting under the right Subreddit. However you will get prompted first. 
Keep on changing the Subreddit according to the post and the topic. This will help in getting your post spotlight. 
3.Spammer gets banned 
Don’t try to indulge in spamming ! 
Yes posting something so many times can actually get you banned !
1-Continuously submitting your personal blog link is not acceptable. 
2- Posting the same content repeatedly.
1- Submitting links from variety of sites and sources 
2-submitting links from your own site talking with redditors.
Last but not the least !
3. Chose a best heading for your Post 
Most of the people don’t actually see what’s written inside the post rather they read the heading and move on and if the heading please them they pull their feet off the pedals and stop there to read what’s written.
Don’t post about earning money etc 
Get thousand dollars , visit the link ” 

These are all old ways of marketing the real marketing is what the other person thinks of you at a glance and that is also one of those reason of getting a huge market . 
Reddit is all about Fun. Don’t be a visiting faculty who posts something and then leaves starts waiting for traffic to come .
Traffic won’t come on its own you’ll have to work for it spend your time in search ! 
And finally you can be there ! 
Engage with redditors and they will share your post before you are able to ! 
Don’t forget to click those buttons ! And share your experience by leaving a comment.