When you are done with some posts and total structure of your website you are constantly in search of applying adsense to your website.. and many questions start revolving around your mind
for instance ,
“How can i make money from adsense ?”
“How to apply for adsense ?”
 “How to get Adsense Approved or How to get adsense approved fast ?”

Well these were some common questions, but the real deal is how to execute your plan so here are some steps that will help you in getting adsense approved.

These steps will help you in making your website eligible for Adsense


1. Write as much content you can the more written content the more you will have chance for getting yor account approved for Adsense
You should have minimum of 50 blog posts with plentiful amount of written content.

2. Stop Plagiarism! It is the worst a man can do for his blog ” Plagiarism results in a low rankedblog”(EreeBlog)
Plagiarised posts doesn’t satisfy SEs
3. A Good Alexa Rank also matters if applying for Adsense. A site is taken
Under less consideration if it has a Bad Alexa Rank .Minimum Requirement for Adsense application
Considering Alexa Rank must be under 300k.
4. A good traffic also plays an important role In approval of Adsense Application.Daily 150+ views are required for approval.
5. Your Site should have site map.xml
So that your website could be indexed by Search engines.An indexed site attains much traffic than a non indexed site.
6.Get a Custom Domain e.g (www.yourdomain.com).Custom domains are given more preference from SEs so there is a possibility of your Website getting approved if you own a custom Domain.
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