iPad is a very good and resistable device it’s Sleek design,metal body,HD iSight Camera and it’s new software IOS7 makes it even more pleasing.But without these apps your IPad might sound boring.

Those 5 apps that are going to make your iPad more interesting are as follows:-

1- iMovie 

iMovie is an All-Time Featured app on the AppStore it’s qualities are outstanding!
Edit Movies like Professionals,Add Music to your Movie add Effects,Change your Movie color either from Normal to Black and White and Publish them to anyone of the social Networks with Different qualities e.g 720P 1080P and HD. iMovie doesn’t only carries only editing option but above all of these you can even make a Trailer of your Movie 
Its just easy as “1.2.3”.Add short clips pictures select any style for your movie and Finally add Music and you’ll be Done. Download Now! And enjoy the crazy Features.

2- GarageBand 

GarageBand one of the Favourite app of DJ’s Play music with different Instruments Record music and then Share it with your friends and Family.Ever dreamt of being a Dj 
If you did then download this app and Be ROCKING!!
 Garageband : Free
3- IBooks 

Tired of Carrying books and reading them then this App is a best fit for you 
iBooks not only lets you read books but you can also download books the iTunes library search through thousands of books from Well Renowned Writers of all time 
Make your own specific Library and get rid of setting the books Download Now.