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Samsung Watch On to an end !

#HKQWRITES Samsung Watch On which acts like a remote for every Television will be now closed after 31 December There are no a major  reasons for the But as per company order it will be closed forever It is available in every Samsung galaxy Note 

3D Guinness World Record Book App

#HKQWRITES AppReview  Download this app on your device and see the Guinness World Record Book in 3D . Open the App  Launch Camera Point it on the Book See it in 3D  Feel it …3D  App Rating : 8.5 Age : General Price : Free Compatible : iOS 6             


This Is the code of famous quiz game.This code is Just for learning activities. DO not copy!@echo offcolor 0atitle HKQ DEV GAMEecho.echo – ! -! -! -! -! -! -! -! -! -! -! -! -! -! -!echo.echo Welcome to HKQ GAME!!.visit HKQwrites.blogspot.comecho download the MY Theme Rainbow Spellecho.echo -! -! -! !- !- !-

Top 3 Apps By Apple for iPad (IOS7)

iPad is a very good and resistable device it’s Sleek design,metal body,HD iSight Camera and it’s new software IOS7 makes it even more pleasing.But without these apps your IPad might sound boring. Those 5 apps that are going to make your iPad more interesting are as follows:- 1- iMovie  iMovie is an All-Time Featured app

Instant Link Indexer

Adding new Links for Indexing is as easy as pasting them. Put the link in Instant Link Indexer and it  will do the work for you on the spot ! And Totally Free * The list should contain one URL per line. * There is no way to edit links once they are submitted!  Download Now for Free Download

Article Re-Writer Free Download

The article re-writer tool is one of the most used SEO tools  On the web and that too is for a reason. All you have to do is search the web for appropriate content on the niche or topic that you want to write on and choose the best written article. Enter the article in