There are many ways to increase your adsense earnings Adsense offers many ways and  other features which can be used by any adsense blogger to give a significant boost to their Adsense incomFollow the steps below to boost your income

Bring more traffic :-

Your adsense earnings are directly related to your blog’s traffic.How much you get paid depends upon 
CTR (click-through rate) and how much adsense pays.

Less Units:-

The earnings also depend upon the units that are appearing on your blog.Even though they generate you high revenue but at the same time it also affects your traffic.Usually they annoy the visitors and there is chance that next time they might not visit your website.

Web Testing and Optimization:- 

You can improve your earnings by Web Testing and Optimization of your Ad and your blog .This can result in Traffic coming to your blog

Last but not the least :

Ad Placement and theme is also very important find a good theme for your Adsense and mostly place the ad on the top of your blog.
Keep changing the position of your Ads 
Avoid Borders on the Ads
Keep publishing Fresh Content 
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